2 subsidies specially for Pioneers

In appreciation of the pioneers in Singapore who built the foundation of this nation, the Pioneer Generation Package and Medifund Silver were set up to provide additional healthcare support. In this post, we will introduce the Pioneer Generation Package that provides a life-time healthcare benefit, and Medifund Silver that gives more targeted assistance to the needy elderly.

A. Pioneer Generation Package

The Pioneer Generation Package subsidises out-patient care and Medishield Life premiums. In addition to this, they also provide annual Medisave top-ups.



  • Singaporean, age 65 in 2014

  • Obtained citizenship on or before 31 December 1986

  • For PioneerDAS, elderly must need help in at least three of the Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

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B. Medifund Silver

After the other government subsidies have been exhausted, the remaining bills that Pioneers are unable to afford may be covered by Medifund Silver.  The scheme provides additional help for treatment and high medical bills at Medifund-approved Intermediate and Long-Term Care Institutions.


  • Additional financial support for eligible Pioneers

  • Amount of assistance provided will be worked out by the Medifund Committee


  • Singaporean, aged 65 and above

  • Fulfils the requirements of Medifund

How to apply

  • Apply through Medical Social Workers of Medifund-approved institutions

  • Visit Ministry of Health to learn more

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