2 subsidies to improve ongoing home-based eldercare

Many of the elderly are particularly frail after being discharged from the hospital, and may need longer term care and assistance in their activities of daily living. In this post, we will introduce 2 subsidies in the form of the Intermediate Long-Term Care (ILTC) subsidy which reduces medical charges, while the Caregiver Training Grant (CTG) subsidises training to acquire the skills needed to provide ongoing care for the elderly.

A. Intermediate Long-Term Care (ILTC) Subsidy

The ILTC subsidy offsets up to 80% of medical bills for the elderly with extended stays at ILTC facilities or that require home-based services.


  • Subsidies for subsidised wards in community hospitals

  • Subsidies for residential services

  • Subsidies for home and community-based services

  • Subsidies for community haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis


  • Singaporean or Permanent Resident

  • Meets admission criteria for the ILTC services

  • Receiving care from MOH-funded service providers

How to apply

  • Speak to a medical social worker or an administrative staff at the hospital at the ILTC service provider

Visit Ministry of Home Affairs to learn more about the subsidy

B. Caregiver Training Grant (CTG)

The CTG provides a $200 annual subsidy to caregivers of elderly to attend caregiver courses. These courses teach important techniques to provide a safe environment for the elderly, including wound care, changing tubes, and assistance in daily living.


  • $200 subsidy per care recipient every financial year

  • Be better equipped to provide a safer day-to-day care for the elderly

  • A variety of caregiver training courses


  • Caregiver (family members or foreign domestic worker) is directly caring for the elderly person

  • Caregiver must complete the entire training with 100% attendance

  • Elderly is a Singaporean or Permanent Resident

  • Elderly is aged 65 and above, or has a disability (certified by a doctor

How to apply

  • Choose a course from the e-calendar

  • Inform the trainer of your interest in applying for CTG

Visit SilverPages to learn more about the subsidy

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