3 aspects to consider when choosing wheelchair features

When buying a wheelchair for your ageing parent, you might find yourself overwhelmed from having to choose between several different options, each with their own set of features. In this article, we will explore 3 main aspects for you to consider when choosing a wheelchair, which will help you decide which features are the most suitable for your ageing parent.

A. Mobility

i. For individuals with limited mobility

  • If the mobility of your parent is severely restricted due to a stroke or an injury, consider getting a wheelchair with safety features such as a safety belt and heel straps.

  • To ensure greater comfort for your parent, choose features that provide more support, such as a headrest and footrest.

Wheelchair with headrest and footrest

  • As your parent would probably have a caregiver helping to push him or her around, select a pushchair with small wheels to make pushing the wheelchair easier for the caregiver.

  • Assisted brakes will also help the caregiver manoeuvre the wheelchair with greater ease.

ii. For individuals that are still relatively mobile and independent

  • If your ageing parent does not have a caregiver around all the time, choose a wheelchair with big wheels to allow them to move around own their own.

  • A motorised wheelchair will enable your ageing parent to travel further distances without a caregiver.

B. Weight

i. For individuals with greater body weight

  • If your ageing parent is heavy in terms of body weight, opt for a wheelchair that is made of sturdier material, such as chrome.

  • A double cross bar frame will also provide additional strength to support individuals with greater body weight.

Wheelchair with double cross bar frame

ii. For individuals with smaller body weight

  • If your ageing parent is lighter in weight, opt for a wheelchair that is made of lighter material, such as aluminium, to make it easier for caregivers to move the wheelchair around.

C. Function

i. For outdoor use

  • If the wheelchair would be used outdoors, opt for a foldable pushchair, as it is lighter and will be able to fit into a car boot.

  • If your ageing parent is still able to walk, but needs to sit from time to time, consider a rollator cum pushchair – it can be used as both a rollator and a pushchair, depending on what your parent needs at that given time.

Left: rollator cum pushchair; right: foldable pushchair

ii. For ease of moving your parent in and out of the wheelchair

  • If your ageing parent needs to be carried or assisted in and out of the wheelchair, make it easier for the caregiver by opting for detachable or convertible features, such as swing-away footrests and detachable armrests.

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