All Are Invited! – SilverFleet Soft Launch

Updated: May 15, 2018

In December 2017, The Straits Times reported a rising demand and limited supply of wheelchair-enabled transport for the elderly.

In response, we're happy to announce the soft launch of SilverFleet!

SilverFleet is a dedicated provider of transport for the elderly. Caregivers of the elderly, as well as eldercare centres, dialysis centres and rehabilitation centres, engage us because of our:

  1. Specially fitted vehicles – fully-equipped with ramps and straps to ensure safety and comfort for the elderly

  2. Assistance-trained drivers

  3. Home nurses / caregivers from SilverAlly that provide 1-to-1 accompaniment and personal care for the elderly

With SilverFleet’s larger vehicle fleet and new booking system, enjoy more convenient bookings and lower fares!

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Most of our clients have already chosen to opt into the soft launch for free. This month, we are inviting YOU to enjoy these privileges as well!

Sign up today for faster bookings, cost savings and priority access to our new vehicles!

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