The Reason more Singaporeans are Choosing Home Nursing for Their Ageing Parents

Channel NewsAsia and many other media channels have highlighted the rising demand for home nursing care in Singapore. From SilverAlly’s 20+ years of experience, we have met many caregivers that were at first apprehensive about the cost and quality of care of home nursing, but were later impressed by its affordability and how the high-quality care has benefited their loved ones. In fact, most caregivers we work with now prefer to engage home nursing services over in-patient care in nursing homes because of benefits such as:

A. Preferred by their elderly parents

A survey commissioned by NTUC Income and Lien Foundation revealed that close to 80% of Singaporeans prefer to age in the familiarity of home. Home nursing allows your loved one to recuperate comfortably at home while receiving personal care to meet their daily needs. Additionally, the Avalere Research Study has shown that rehabilitation at home promotes quicker recovery from injuries or health conditions such as stroke.

B. Personal attention from caregiver

The main complaint about nursing homes and eldercare centres in Singapore is the low nurse to patient ratio. Home nursing ensures that your loved one receives one-on-one personal attention and builds bonds between home nurse and patient that drastically reduces patient distress, improving their emotional well-being and prevents feelings of isolation and depression.

C. Better continuity of care

Engaging a personal home nurse also means that they would have a good understanding of your elderly parent’s personal moods, preferences, medical condition and routines. The care provided will be well-tailored and consistent, almost as well as good if they were in the care of family.

D. Affordability

Home nursing can also be more affordable compared to an extended stay in a hospital or nursing home. Engaging a home nurse can cost as low as $25 per hour!

Have peace of mind knowing your loved one is receiving 1-to-1 personal care from our highly-trained home nurses.

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